About Aggregate100k

Aggregate100 is an event made up of several stages through a 100km loop in exclusive untouched North Yorkshire (new for 2017 is a 60km route featuring 3 stages).

Originally tackled on a road bike with 25mm tyres, it soon became clear (when the inner tubes ran dry) that it would be prudent to return on bigger rubber. As the tyre volume increased as did the route in both length and gnar.

Whilst such a jaunt was fun just as a chance to explore areas previously not accessible via road bike, we were keen to add a little sport to proceedings and with this in mind in 2015 we invited a group of likeminded individuals on a mixture of hand built and off the peg gravel bikes, cross bikes and mountain bikes to see if we were just mad or if we were onto something.

The grins over pints at the finish line answered our question.

Back for its second year in 2017, Aggregate 100 gives you the opportunity to feel like a human powered Group B Rally car as you rip through the drove roads and forests of North Yorkshire.

Our aim is to provide a personal experience, slightly punk in ethos you won’t find any mega sportive indifference here, we are rough around the edges and proud of it!